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Sun shines now
here in this lovely spot
in California.

Much of warm light
it seems I see–
perhaps a sign
I’ve taken few steps
to malign
the precious layer
each of my eyes does bear,
which technically
is called the cornea.

somewhere in my heart there aches
big doubt
that I have what it takes

to traverse
current parching air
and sun that bakes,

and I’d not have foreseen
this turn,
so now must glean
whatever ’tis
I next must learn. . .

For life,
it seems,
just does not come
with booklet of instructions
that, of all obstacles
and obstructions,
in advance
could fully warn ya’.

So, lacking that,
I guess I’ll pray,
on this and
other kindred days,
that insight may soon
kindly come
on which next step
goes my best way. . .

And I will wish the same to you,
that clarity
and sturdy will,
which put you on the route that you’ll stick to,
shall meet with you along your way
little bit by bit,
with one overwhelming wind
that gladly comes to storm ya’

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Look ahead
beyond the dawn
to this one day.

what’s to do
on your bright way,
the things quite apt (or not)
to pay.

And then, begin
to stretch
and move
and work
and play. . .

though this day’s is not,
your life’s light
is a longer burning spot
that is made
a while yet to stay.

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It’s whatch’you do. . .
So do it.
And do it.

Go over it, cover it,
under it, through it,
in such a way
no one else
would. . .

Do, do,
until it’s done
and you know
you done did good.

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Escape velocity
is high. . .

We’re bound
to gravitas,
our weighty planet,
made of water, mud
and rock and moss,
in such a way
that is what is–
we did not plan it . .

We can build
a great big rocket,
its fire tail
pops our eyes wide
from their eye sockets,
and we can get inside
the module top
and try
as others did
before we came,
to get as super far away
as our bright moon–
or even farther,
past our sky,

it all makes sense,
and works to the degree
that we’ve still got pence
on plenty pence,

but we will only get so far,
in deep, unseen reality
until we’ve asked the question

and come up
with a dandy answer,
a solution that included us,
one we would work for
with the strength
of all our lives,
a why for which
we, at last,
our comfy stomping grounds
could leave–

no longer stuck
somewhere we’d miss the boat,
much less the bus,
and we’d be free
to ride across
the pretty
(or the barren)
without a hint
of fearful, angry,
grieving recognition,

so we could conjure
new and wonder-healing
true cognitions,
to take us where we want to go,
and bring along
a lot of happy others
each to have
their very own
very bright and happy rides.

But first,
pause we must
to take
that crucial one next breath,
a break, a rest,
one that lets us finally
brush right out
any remnants of old dust,
and together with that task,
the sticky cobwebs
we address,

before we muster
the bombasity
to scrape and pierce
the cozy boundaries
of our marbled atmosphere,
to stretch our reach
out way past that
to the distant
stars and skies,

quite far enough
to please our wildest dreams,
born before our memories,
thus to delight
our dewy, shining,
popped-wide eyes.

And then,
we turn around to see
how far we’ve gone
and fast we’ve flown,
and too, how free,
and how we’ve breached
way past sonic boom
and how far past
the needed vast velocity
we’ve tempted doom,

and how our feeling
cannot help but be
a blend of glad accomplishment
and gratitude
and dumbfounded, sheer surprise.

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Simply take
a little love,
cup it in your hands,
and breathe it deep within.

Feel it,
move it,
know it,
grow it–
below, beside,
thin, thick or wide,
low, high above–

then send it right
back out again.

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To say hello
is to say
you are a human being
who sees
another human being–

step one
to activate the flow
of all that joins us anyway
and opens
worlds of possibility
we may
or not
be seeing.

And doing that,
wherever we may go
is very apt
to make our day
be oh so much more freeing.

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Love yourself,
no matter what it takes,
in laxness and in tension;
alone or with much help from others,
of kinds that’s fit (or not)
to mention.

It’s crucial
down to who you are,
in sojourns near or journeys far
in ways that greatly do surpass
our current comprehension.

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