Light fades,
still bright,
winks out to dusk. . .

the evening
twixt day and night:

two moods
despair and hope–
do send me out
to get my heart
to beat a bit about
so many things
that lurk ahead,
their promise cloaked
as if it were
quite dead,

if my heart agrees
+++++to beat,
+++++my limbs to swing and step,
+++++to squeeze
+++++and move the lymph
+++++and make blood flow,

I think one day
I may progress,
success to know,

though now I grope
and grapple with
these tangled ropes,
their fibers thus to twine
into one line
quite smooth and straight,

to leave my path
in starry sheen
and full day sun
more clear and bright,

so I can take it all in stride,
and no longer hold
these many things
that I no longer need

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and containment–

the path
of every life
entails both,
in some sort of
dynamic flow
arrangement. . .

Connection and proximity
both play their roles

but if the mix
should sour toward rancidity,
resistance rears
its too-cramped head,
breaks roofs and walls
of overnurtured
to seek a needed,
healthy distance,
which may well breed
estrangement. . .

Though better visions
are a challenge to imagine,
the way of life
would turn within
and let ideas march
like happy children
in a joyful, festive pageant,
and when the vision does emerge,
the way to pave
the road there,
will, slow or fast,
become quite clear,

And detaiils flow
like gentle waves,
on how to build it well,
with all its parts in proper balance,
and in such a way
that every living party’s served,
and these
will come
in ample time
to let the power life
make manifest
the vision’s full attainment.

And, as the vision grows and swells,
more and more love comes to heal
what wounds there are,
while riding true
its anchoring arc,
much like
the night sky’s guiding bodies
in their timeless, starry raiment.

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Submit. . .
admit the flow
of what you like to do
and what you know. . .

for that’s
what’s right for you,
and you for it–
no other
can quite pick up the matter
and prove equally as fit. . .

Because of this,
it’s just best if
you learn ever better
and how to receive, accept,
and give
your given gifts. . .

for each and every hour
you exercise your power
you bridge a breach
with your long reach,

granting someone else’s spirit–
and perhaps
the whole darn planet–
one big lift.

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Have some fun!–

of the kind
that, in your dreams,
you have quite often done. . .

it should not hurt,
and sure,
will spare
the wee, shy sprite
you have inside,
+++++ who dares not quite
+++++ allow herself
+++++ to show herself,
+++++ in such a way
+++++ she fears she might,
+++++ if she would just
+++++ happily ignite,
so that she
her fire
can (at last!)
let burn quite bright,
so she won’t have to stay
inert. . .

when the option
comes for fun–
don’t let it pass!

Spring into
whatever kind
of game or task
may be
the season’s
perfect action–

or something
more transcending space and time,

in order
to refresh your mind. . .

It may,
but need not,
bring into play
the raising
of a sturdy yurt. . .

and when you’re done,
you’ll be more ready
for a little work,

and you’ll know better
how to bring a smile
to at least one face
of an unsuspecting other–

and possibly,
to everyone
whom you encounter
here on Earth.

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Hand to hand,
breathe in,
submit. . .

Act your scene
in the modest skit
that forms a part
in the grander plan,

which has a restoring
script to speak,
in the much larger play
that spans the universal span
in our swirl,
the Milky Way,
to breach the distance
far beyond
what we,
in these short-lived,
little bodies,

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Once you’re sure
you really really
want to do it–

your heart beats. . .
your aim gets pure. . .

from the bottoms of your feet
up through your core
(and more!),
your will gets steely–

and you will find it natural
when you simply
get to it,
and see it through,

to find an even
happier, surer you.

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The free-for-all
of Friday. . .

it’s free
for all–
the power
+++++to see
+++++to time ahead,

+++++as well as
+++++to grasp
+++++the time that’s past–
+++++in total recall. . .

+++++the groans of grief
+++++the growls of anger
+++++the squeals of fear
+++++the moans of pain
+++++the ahhs of sweet-won satisfaction,
+++++sighs of exhaustion
+++++and relief
+++++the “Whee!” of joy–

+++++all of these
+++++can one with ease
+++++on Friday
+++++feel and employ. . .

+++++in coming days,
+++++from such Friday giddiness,
+++++one sails forth,

+++++one comes eventually
+++++anew ashore
+++++to refreshed energy
+++++and deeper peace.

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