There’s nothing like a helping hand
especially one who laughs and sings with me,
and my best
from my insides out
brings out from me,
in a way that makes me feel
he understands.

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Keep on believing
your life makes a difference–

‘Cuz, between you and me,
that’s how we’ll go the distance.

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It’s wicked good
that you can roll–
and even speed–
and coast downhill,

for that
oh so
super feel
of being freed,

which so well tends
that deep down yen
you seek to feed,
when you fully live that thrill–
though it can sometimes
takes its toll. . .

And it’s also very good
if you can keep
a certain buoyancy of spirit,

but when your trusty parts
grow old,
and start to creak their weary call,
it’s also vital that you hear it. . .

Because, while buoyancy
and reeling speed
can wield their wiles
to make you feel
they’re all it takes,
that is a risky fallacy–

To get you through
to where
you want to go
and all the things
you want to see and do,

the counter strength
must pair with
motion’s force and length
in true polarity,

so you can slow
and sometimes pause
to shape your fate,

when you give love
in the direction of
the power of your brakes.

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No excuse–
do not defer–

let your life’s engine
rev and hum and purr
and drive along
and get somewhere. . .

Take along–
+++++but calm
+++++with your breath–
inner resistance
that clings for life
and has felt surer
with no air. . .

you may as well
allow an outer saboteur
to enter
in your turf
and run round loose. . .

And, in that,
there’d be no use.

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When dead of winter licks
like piling crystalline snowflakes
or hits you
like a pitter-patter rainy
ton of bricks,

you gotta learn
to find within yourself
just what it takes,
to mend your
frozen pains and aches
and activate
your large capacity innate
to learn,

so you can light
the fire of your life,

tap into earth and sky
and wield their power to ignite,
to see you through the cold
with their long, slow steady burn,
as they have done since days of old. . .

come summer,
flow with change,
for change you will,

and you need be ready
to hone like golden honey
a very different skill–

when heat from sun
fiercely down
upon you pounds,
you gotta
keep your cool,
free your body,

venture out from the small turf
you’ve called your comfort grounds,

and though you’re doing, being,
moving ’round all over,
don’t forget
sometimes to pause–

get your hot head together–
have it play nice
with your soothing
heart and liver,
as you learn,
+++++ without resorting to
+++++ a boxed deep freeze
+++++ or block of ice,
+++++ or lots of precious water
+++++ that could feel good on you spilled,

to find the calm,
relaxing mode in you
that shifts your
great, grand being
for a stretch
to rest
and breathe more slow,
so you expand
in your capacity
to chill.

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foot after foot,
you stay on your path,

aft becomes fore
and fore becomes aft,

as your tread truly tracks
and the road’s wiggles wind,
mind becomes body,
body morphs
into mind,

what matters most
surely comes–
not only in time,
not when
or the way
you would ask,

but instead,
like a rainbow
sprung straight through the rain–

when least you expect it,
it rises there
bright, clear and clean
to brighten your spirit
surprisingly fast.

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It can feel so good when someone believes in you.

Even if it’s just because they’re a good human being,
who believes in human beings,
and they choose to treat you like a human being.

Sometimes that is all it takes
to make all the difference
in the world.

Many thanks to all the people who have ever made me feel this way.
Especially the ones who are doing it in my life right now.

It’s one of the sweetest feelings
I could ever have.

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