Evening holds its sway. . .

moon’s bright light,
full spectrum. . .

crickets, chirping
they have their say,

as I’m reflecting
on a day well done:

keeping practices and promises,
completing foreseen actions,

carved out time
for prayer
and song
and contemplation,

capped by taking of good nourishment
exchanging love,
and whirling out
in this wonder-summer-sun,

to roll with flow of gravity down hills,
inject a little levity
and have some bold,
blood pumping,
and lungs-and-heart-full

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Dear Readers,
Double High-Five!

I can’t literally give you some skin (or almost literally, per the alternate high five expression), but offer you a virtual double high five for whatever you’ve done today that you want to acknowledge yourself for.

I know there’s something. So do you, if you’ll let it come to your mind, without qualification or judgment, even if you haven’t stopped to think of it till now.

Anyway, my congrats on something well done, and best wishes for the rest of this day!

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Once you
drop the need
to make excuse
for everything
you are
and every thing
you ever did
or were,

and then
you cut you loose
from all
of your life’s
chains and pains
so slow assumed
or suddenly
bequeathed to you
like age-old heirlooms,

then you can plant
your unique seed,

to make
of higher use–
to all the world
and you–
every fiber of your being,

so you become
the star
you’ve always been,

and then,
unveil your life’s
true work and dreams
long hid
deep down
with your bright vision,

once, from your
rote-learned role of victim,
you are,
+++++through your calm surrender
+++++and your firm decision,
wholly freed.

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Resistance roars!

Find out
and give it
what it wants,

bear with its
strong persistence
and its endless rants,

for it’s really probable
it will want something MORE!

Continue to converse with it,
find out its every want and need–

and it will finally yield to you,
and your life will become more true,

as you begin the things
you’ve always known exactly were
the very things you came here FOR,
though right now,
you feel you cant!

And after that,
everyone around you
is apt to clap,
and cheer you on,
demanding an ENCORE!

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If everything were obvious to one,
we’d have no need
for all the rest
of this vast Creation.

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if you can,
take just a sec
suspend your plans,

and breathe. . .

squeeze out a little tear,
even though,
I know,
it doesn’t want to come–

your eyes are tired,
your feelings mired,
and you don’t feel
near prepared
its presence to receive.

But, if you but let but one drop flow,
it’s just the way the world goes,
it’s so much easier
once it’s out
than when it’s in . .

for when you’re real,
the whole wide world
can see and feel
and take you in,

and you will see
you won’t have been destroyed
by such an exodus–
it’s quite a revelation–

that bit by bit
you become much happier
just for the fact
you let it out,
and let be threatened
your only reputation
and put at risk your clout,

and though this seems preposterous,
the proof is nowhere in the pudding–

it comes with daring movement,
even if it’s
falling short
of loud and boisterous–
such as in the subtle outing
of warm salt water sobbing.

And, when anew
for life and love,
your heart restarts its throbbing,

your doubts
will sink
and get quite soft
as great bright hopes
come take their place
and rise
quite gloriously aloft,

as you accept
a grand ingress
of tenderness
and love,
until it’s near impossible
+++++that in the power
+++++of one squeezed
+++++drop of living water
+++++your heart could ever fail to flower
+++++big, wide open,
+++++to the point where you believe.

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Today is my 31st day in a row that I have kept a new commitment to myself, of introducing one new, good habit into my life, and doing it every day.

I am feeling very good about myself and very grateful to Eben Pagan, as I have come this far in moving through his course, which is teaching me to Wake Up Productive.

I am looking forward to the benefits of sticking to my new good habit, and of introducing lots more good habits into my life.

Funny–I felt I just HAD to look it up this morning to remember which day I started, because I had lost count of the days!

During all that time, I only knew I had to keep going, for the good of the life dreams I am pursuing. It is interesting that I let go of keeping an exact count, and that I actually, unknowingly, overshot the target by one day, before I noticed.

Before I went out on my walk this morning, I thought it was only the 30th day, and therefore I HAD to go, especially today! (The tough part of this is to do it BEFORE breakfast, rather than just letting my “morning walk” happen any old time of day, which my experience tells me does not do me NEARLY as much good). This is akin to my good old set-the-clock-forward-to-fool-myself-into-getting-somewhere-early-trick– it only really works if the clock is accidentally fast, or if I forget I’ve done it).
I want to keep it up, from now on, in any case, but I’m really very happy about the 30 day milestone.

In his program, Eben dangled the carrot in front of me that 30 days is a key period for anyone to move toward the necessary escape velocity to get out of the sphere of old habits and beyond, toward new good habits you want create, to widen up your life and move you toward a starry bright, uncharted future, aligned with your truest life dreams.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*BTW, “Escape velocity” is a term I got from him– the other language in the last paragraph is mine.

Also, Eben does not even know that I have written this, and I am not receiving anything for doing so. I just felt moved to express my happiness and gratitude about this).

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