Some things are worth going to extraordinary lengths for.
Find them, and go to them.
The light will shine upon you when you do.
And you will smile.

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OK, so sometimes, things don’t go the way I want them to.

The good part is, I usually (maybe even always) learn something from that.

The trick is to learn something and incorporate it into myself in such a way that I will do better, love better, live better next time.

Or the next time after that. Or after that. Or some time, maybe way into the future.

Or maybe, I will live long enough to tell the tale, but still not extract the lesson, but I will tell the tale (maybe in writing), and someone else will extract a lesson from it. And do better. Live better. Love better, next time. Maybe even long after I’m dead and gone.

And so,
Do good.
Love well.
Live well.

Live and learn.
Love and be loved.
Live the life that fits you,
and only you,
just like a glove.

And, if you like to tell a tale,
perhaps tell yours. . .
and maybe lessons that, with you,
did not set sail,
will help another to a happier boat,
and empower it to propel.

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White screen’s aglow.

The day lags longer than the day. . .
Our heart beats a little hard
in a gear that’s low.

Here and there,
the dandelion crop
bursts out a yellow top,
as springtime’s early face
begins to show.

Joy rides
sliding down the mountain tops
under bright blue sky
and piled high
with snow.

And pain
visits us
now and again
assumes new, untold shapes,
and slaps us in the face,

when have failed
to cut ourselves
the grace we need.

This makes us wake,
if we its not so subtle hints
can take,
and teaches us
a thing or two
we need to know.

And, somewhere in between
the joy and pain,
we sit a bit
and respirate
and thank God
for every little joy and pain
that has been placed upon our plate,

and from the air and joy and pain,
+++++though we still sometimes dance in
+++++vicious circles,
+++++and sing
+++++oh too many times
+++++the wrong refrains,
we manage, somehow still
to find a way
to take in everything we need,

and all we don’t, let go. . .

for such is the way
as members of humanity
we live and love
and learn and grow.

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the bell shall toll,

breathe in
your nose
your lungs
your heart
and guts
to clear. . .

breathe out,
fear not too much
what it could about. . .

allow a smile to form;
the corners of your mouth,
turn up a little toward your ears. . .

Answer that call!

And where you thought
the Universal living room
was empty, lonely;
the Universal cupboard,

you listen
and you find,
reality, instead,
is of another kind,

and there’s actually
some food to eat,
and someone, somewhere,
waiting there
to care.

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When all is said and done,
it has all,
in greatest likelihood,
been said or done. . .

so then, it just may be
the way to be original
is just to be. . .

and then you’ll find
just who is you–
even if
your ears go deaf
or eyes go blind. . .

Your knowing
and the basic good
in you
each stand the only
of their kind,

and it just
may not come through
in realm of ear or eye
or skin,

it is a different
kind of thing,

which, deep inside of you,
you’ll find,
to guide the new life you begin
according to the special kind of light
that you shone
at your origin.

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The darkness
in the early February evening. . .

the short wait
for the black sky lit
with a clear
and scintillating starness–

Orion’s bright high belt
and shield
still bracket
sapling, growing days,

as a quick, young colt
in a temporary
binding harness.

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This day is calling. . .
How will you answer?

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