Avoidance. . .
a quite good way
to freeze in perpetuity
many a true calamity
or slightest rude annoyance. . .

engage your body-mind
experience its might and size
and grab that fearsome monster by the head,
stare it squarely in the eyes,
get to know it,
so you can become
each other’s guide,
let each save face,
maintain her pride,

all, which, now, may coincide,
that you have hit
a pace and stride
and you maintain
a playful stance and smile,
with humor and flamboyance,

and as you do,
those cares
channel into
the well banked waters
of your history,
to join all of your shining deeds,

where you will salute them
as they pass
and you thus
lend yourself
a new mobility
and buoyance.

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Tears threaten. . .
eyelids clamp,
as if the hatches
down to batten. . .

Tears come,
composure lost,
though it might
not so appear,
eyes so subtly moist,
spring fever might
well seem the cause. . .

Love’s labors,
love’s pains–
so many
in each artery
and its returning vein
have made their
circle loop,
and gone then
straight down
the drain. . .

It is a wonder
life still
flows forth. . .
she might even
manage to hold court–
if she’d but call,
and they’d but come,
she could finesse it with aplomb. . .

But maybe,
that’s for the power
of some lesser
but truly vital river,
hidden to our eye,
that flows much purer, fresher,
streaming clearer love
that never was mistook,
even when quite oddly from
the pettiest, deeply hurtful crook,
who took part in this river
as part of
a circumstantial playbook,
but flowing even better,
being richly scattered on her
from a slew of others, too,
who had no need
to be so stuck,
for they didn’t even have
that kind of glue–

Those who offered,
those who shared,
though one day
they’d nothing more
than just a sliver,

those who loved her well
and even better
in the spirit,
without knowledge of the law
or anybody else’s letter. . .

For all of this,
her sad, scared lungs
could dare
to finally really
b – r – e – a – t – h – e . . .

And the muscles of her heart
could, joyous,
finally play their part,
and do a happy leap
or a very sturdy heave. . .

So, great thanks go
to all of these–
the ones
+++++for a trivial moment
+++++or for a haul
+++++quite long enough
+++++to get what her deep woe meant,
paused a time
to spend some life and love on her,
so she received
and then could give,
and really dare
+++++to love
+++++and live
+++++and trust
+++++the Universe enough
+++++to begin to believe.

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What’s wise:
and gentle care. . . .

raised above. . .

All these,
when fit
just like a glove
will endow
such solid strength
that they,
come night, come day,
will take you

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Your smile crystalline
shines forward
through the years. . .
I smile back
through more than
a drapey screen,
and feel a fall
digging in and burying me
in feet
of fresh, heaped-tall,
unseasonally molten snow. . .

And you visit me–
a happy dream!–
where we could go together
to a place that (till now)
we could not ever know.

I hope
that we can meet again
where your sweet eyes especially shine,
and finally we see each other
(for we can)
in a brilliant afterglow.

Perhaps I ought to tell you–
or maybe I need not–
for where you are,
the feeling and the thought,
and the even more important parts we’ve got
are so much more accessible–
for you it may be clear to see,
that, at this very age and day,
my love for you
and yours for me,
come storm and all adversity,
do blend to one
that, warm, envelops me
and does forever grow.

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I feel
a little crazy
pulling petals from a daisy,
as I oh so long ago
was taught–

but I’m beyond,
“He loves me,
and he loves me not. . .”–

for, luckily,
that one’s an
I’ve already got–

But still I keep on
with my plucking,
and quite stuck between,
“I am perfect,”
and “I’m perfect–NOT!”–

for, in choosing
one of those,
I sort of
have to hold my nose–

for both of them
I surely over-learned,
being grossly over-taught,

and both have seemed
so obvious:
one, set as goal, quite lofty, mindless–
the other proof, stamped “paid in full”,
that over every burning coal
in hell I’d need to walk,
and I’d likely also ROT!

But, this endless plucking frenzy,
by now has me in a tizzy,
and as I put on
face of “best me,”
and try to seem
so smart and choosy,
it suddenly occurs to me–

That questioning the question
is what finally
brings me the solution
that I’ve never really even

Am I perfect?. . .

Am I not?. . .

The proper answer
lies in store,
which ends and mends
this endless,
plucking bore:

That I could switch
from asking either/or,
to get the perfect answer
I couldn’t’ve ever bought:

(and more!)–
As perfect as I need to be,
while in my
nooks and cavities,
I’ll freely say,
“I’m flawed.”

Having made
this thought-and-feeling motion,
I could jump up and cry
as, these days, is now the custom,
“Shoot, gosh dang!”
That’s just

And I might almost
take that option,
but, while it’s hecka good important,
I cannot fake to think
the revelation
leaves me in quite the state
that makes me stand and stare and gape
in such a way
that qualifies as awe.

But perhaps that is my flaw.

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Make a wish
and chew
on it. . .

Swallow. . .

Then forget. . .

and just
your gut
and God
to do
the rest
of it.

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make me

I grunt,
to get back in the GRRRRRRooooove!”

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