Chewing in community
a haven
to have companions
for the yum-yums
to relax
the from this fast world’s tensions
and its lunacies. . .

By itself, that act seems fit,
but maybe we can stop to add
and ask,
what if,

in our chewing challenge
we’d not limit
all the benefits
to ourselves and ours,
but imagine our teeths’ talents
meshing all together
to fashion
greater shapes of world-wide balance,
over oceans, into canyons
spanning realms of reasoned charity
and body felt compassions,

to put a cent
to match each chew or bit
we get
out to the world,
so that the loaves and fishes
we right here may split
will prove enough
to leave surplus,
‘cross unimagined distances
we’d not thought
to discuss?

It’s just a thought,
but maybe you can think on it
and dream some way
that for you would be a fit,
to hold in heart and mind
some of those you do not know
who have much less than you,
and maybe even send a little to them to,
as you, in gratitude,
enjoy your complete meal
or little snacking bit.

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Late summer’s day,
so light and warm–
a farmers’ market. . .

buy from old friends. . .
find much bright food–
a most productive junket. . .

And then,
I go straight home
and cook it–
feeling easy. . .
in my element,

hoping to use it,
its essence to construe,
so it appeals and satisfies,
and makes and keeps me
strong and well,
and fairly in control,
and smaller than
a little elephant,

With all these sights in mind
I think I see success,
which may not mean a lot to you–

but to me
as cause for pause celebratory
it’s ultimately relevant.

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Wake up
and stand before the mirror
and look at you–
up, down– all over. . .

close eyes
and feel deep down inside
the wonder being that you are
ever so much clearer. . .

and fill with breath. . .
exert some will. . .
and let some go–
for the Universe will do the rest–

for you in it
and it in you
are not here just for show
but to meld in one deep, incomparable glow. . .

and in that melding
that we may not yet be feeling,

we will be satisfied
and blessed,
deeper than we ever knew
it would be possible to do.

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Increase ease
decrease trying. . .

reduce the pleas. . .

add to the gifts
that give others’ spirits lifts,
to the point
where they are solo flying,
but in contact with all the Universe’s beings
without pushing, pulling, or unduly leaning. . .

and the way
to Love
will slowly open up,
and its lands increase,

until all of us will know
we have and are enough,
and all of us
can go to snooze
in deep and complete peace,

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Good hot day lunch–
cool zaru soba!

that I made– YUM!

It would be cool
if I could make another one,
good enough to ask you over. . .

even if you’d have to come
from Timbuktu
or Manitoba.

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trumps “Like”
any day,
any night.

one reacts
in one moment,
surface, circumstantial–

the other tracks
and cares quite long
for what runs deep,
and stays essential.

the difference
isn’t always obvious,
but it certainly
is consequential.

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who chomps the chance
to feed on life
seems quite the champ,
with food in bite. . .

for there’s no stewing
obstructing her clear path
to chewing,

to the degree
the fierce, wild cat within
will purr,
with aim
her calm
to long deter,
she meshes teeth
and tongue
and gets those juices flowing
and thus leaves brain and brawn
in a state of happy cooing. . .

and so,
she thanks the Universe out flat
as she grows quiet,
deep self-knowing,
which also tells her clearly that
that juicy benefit
is not entirely
of her doing. . .

And though it takes
a will most fit
and good tooth grit,
when next at table she shall sit,
her teeth engage,
and neat, release,
the wisdom of a deeper language,
which moves her closer to a place
at which
she wants to be,

and therefore,
as we can well see,
she keeps on going
with her chewing,
to keep that inner living water
ever flowing.

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