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chirping the legions of crickets a silver sound against the celestial base of quiet and dark bathing my body and brain, a song born on balmy air ringing like the far-away twinkle of stars I slept beneath at summer camp, … Continue reading

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Hot day, evening soon rumbling sidewalk the biggest quake I’ve ever felt +++++uttered by a third generation +++++native +++++of the city that quakes San Francisco +++++certainly not a surfing town I ++never surfed in my life. . . ++rude introduction … Continue reading

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Eye’s corner view of a large and swooping bird dark, shadowy shape raven? +++++hawk? ++++++++++or pigeon? too hard to have said.

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a well-fed raven in its black cloak with a blue sheen illuminated by the overcast afternoon not exactly waddles– struts– in its hip-wagging swagger down the length of the park picnic table’s deserted bench on a mid-September Friday the weekend … Continue reading

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Bubbles +++++dangling +++++++++++in the air +++++floating soapy spheres +++++against the stillness of the stratosphere Surface tension ++++++++++holding pressure ++++++++++anxious, then, to burst +++++like atmosphere ++++++++++waiting for a ++++++++++storm with rain and ++++++++++thunder to disperse A self-constructed biosphere +++++protects this on-the-verge-of-bursting … Continue reading

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[Inspired by a recent reading of Agatha Christie’s novel, “A Pocket Full of Rye”] Sing a song of Facebook, The modern way the day away to while, Five and forty Facebook Friends Diplayed in a file. When my page was … Continue reading

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A prescient sense of loss +++++so fraught with fear– I grieve before I lose, +++++letting sand gush through +++++the space between my fingers +++++clenched in a fist. . . I feel not +++++the warm sensation of its +++++fine ground smoothness … Continue reading

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