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Blank page cooperate. . . Step out. Fresh air, errands of need to go about. Follow not just what grown ups say to do to groups of girls in troops of scouts. Break forth! And seize the gray! And whatever … Continue reading

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Daytime. Quick winter sun climb. Quick night fall. If we’re to seize the day at all, we must embrace, and maybe kiss it– attend to it as a small babe that needs our love. . . for yea, indeed, if … Continue reading

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Seize the day. AND Let it be.

Seize the day. AND Let it be. Spread down, extend the roots and reach up the branches, bring birds and squirrels in cahoots, just like a wildly planted sturdy, broad, and tall oak tree. Stay tightly in the bounds of … Continue reading

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Seize the day! Cease the endless, needless chatter. Take charge the helm– like mighty Saturn. And steer the brightest and most fruitful way, to grow your gladdest Saturday.

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