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What blocks my road is heavy, much too large a load to move. It’s really best, and I am blessed, for it will prove my stepping stone. No need from my best path to swerve around in some careening, wicked … Continue reading

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I am a peep. I am a pipe. I am a megaphone. I make a sound that to distant lands resounds. I make a sight that starts small and faint but grows to tall and very bright. My presence shall … Continue reading

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Best not to go hasty and gulp things whole. . . No rest. . . No flow, when you’re tempted and think tasty to scarf stuff down and attempt like so, to learn, get done, produce, create, or nurture, to … Continue reading

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The innocent You pluck that little, by some deemed beautiful, but in-your-face, takes-up-your-eyes and shrinks your space, innocent looking cropped up weed. . . cruel though it be, a wonder the space freed in thee, and legion happy progeny to … Continue reading

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Here’s a hand I hold to you. . . if you pick it up, I hold your hand, and you, mine, too. The fingers either clasping palms or interlaced, and then, eventually, released. . . but warmth and finger pulse … Continue reading

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I am allowing light to penetrate my eyes. Birdsong¬† to clear routes into my ears, Fresh air to whisper on my skin like a lover’s declaration, a sweet caress to reassure, a sweep of energy to mesmerize. Breath to fill … Continue reading

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Baby steps so clumsy, wobbly when you are one, much less than two, and walking is completely new, there’s so much more you have been through to wiggle, roll, creep, crawl, sit and stand, by pulling, holding on with hand. … Continue reading

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