Count the good–
the room to breathe,
dependable solidity
(yeah, knock on wood). . .

But feel, too, the tough–
the moments when you deeply grieve,
the pains with which you heave and seethe,
boot-shaking things
that have you shudder teeth to teeth,
the guff you get
beyond belief-
even from you,
from friends and fathers,
and too,
mothers, sisters, cats and dogs and brothers. . .

So, yeah, remark, take note,
and learn
from all that stuff–
the stuff that really feels bad. . .

look there, too,
look hard, for lurking there
is stuff that’s of a different color
than the general black, grim gray or blue,
between the cracks
where stuff can fall,
and find some good that’s grown from bad,
that took you years until you finally understood. . .

And you’ll come
to have a grip
on all the stuff
that powers you
along your way,
to move yet forth
and light your path,
quite likely more
than anyone can see or say,
that will help dawn
each next new day
that sees you feeling
so much more
than wondrously
and gratefully
and deeply glad.

Even if,
to someone else
it looks as if
you’ve got no more
than the same stuff
that you already had.

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Love must be present.
Give it to yourself.
It helps.
Regardless whether
you don’t think you deserve better–
not by law’s spirt,
nor its letter–
than what you’ve come
to do so far
most usually,

Dreams shoved aside. . .
Yes, yes,
we all have moments
when we our dreams
and very beings
along with our Earth bodies
want to hide,

But the presence
of our soul
cannot be hid
in dark nor cold,
and others ’round us
plainly know
that it for sure exists,

If we (or not)
choose to persist.

So hand cross hand,
and grab your shoulders
(or your ribs),
and squeeze yourself
one great big hug. . .

Then touch one arm
with your kind mug
and give yourself
a juicy, gentle kiss.

For when you do,
you be most apt
to see this through,

and love will live
its best in you,
and when that’s true,
you’re apt to shine
with warmth and light,

and naught will be amiss.

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Sit down–
you and
another human being.

And then,
with them,
start to converse.

Your cards laid down,
risk is,
at last
you will be seen,
for the one you really are,
a unique kind
of living star,
defenses dropped,
which let them see
your special sheen,
or worse. . .

The more you can be genuine,
the much more likely
they’ll respond in kind,
and help you on your road to find
your truly vasty
strength and place
in our great wide Universe.

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Transformation happens.
Whether or not
you think
you’re along for the ride.

Get on board,
help shape it.
Are you going to do it now?
The chance is here.
Come on,

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There’s lots of ways,
as you go through
your life and days,

to make a presentation.

You can do it
bone dead dry,
or dripping sweet,

or with almost any other
strained or calm

you can choose
to put on airs,
to sink real low,
to pierce
with threatening, penetrating glares,

or some other way
to sway–

You can flirt. . .
++++++++++ or be direct. . .
you can be long. . .
++++++++++ you can be terse. . .
or you could choose
the sundry issues of the day
well to address–
++++++++++ or else,
++++++++++ to skirt. . .

You can don
Goth, prep or drab,
modest, posh,
or vamp or bling,

You could appear,
in fact
wearing, carrying
using, too, as props,
near absolutely anything. . .

You could smile,
+++++++++++++++you could cry,
you could wear shades
to hide your eyes,

you could enter
and take center stage
the usual way,
+++++++++++++++ or sudden, burst upon the scene,
+++++++++++++++ at lightning pace,
+++++++++++++++ in undreamed ways that must surprise,

Once there,
you can choose
a stilted, zip-closed pose,
+++++++++++++++or flare your nostrils,
+++++++++++++++++++++++++purse your lips,
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++or dance or sing. . .

But one day, then,
you stop to think,
of all these tricks
works best?”. . .

You go and stare
into the glass,
and take some time
to see
what’s really there. . .

At last, you ask,
“What is the very hardest thing?”

The answer comes,
shines clear and bright–
it strikes you
as a little frightening:

+++++ “The hardest is,


+++++ Sans feathered hat,
+++++ sans stole,
+++++ sans any hint
+++++ of cleverness,
+++++ nor of deft craft
+++++ to play a role

In lieu,
what you can do:

++++++++++ allow
++++++++++ from deep inside you
++++++++++ your soul,
++++++++++ your spirit
++++++++++ up to well,

Where all
who come from near,
or far,
can feel your warmth,
detect the glimmer in your eye,
and breath a whiff
of your pure essence,
revel in your trademark effervescence,

And, enjoy you, or not,
just as they will–
but, no matter–
all of them
a little stretch with you
will well have lived
an honest tale,

which, afterwards,
they, in their own
specific way,
can tell.

tell yours now–
+++++ just as you are,
+++++ just like it is–

And then,
you’re surely know, somehow,
that was the very
laid-bare best
of everything
you had to give.

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Add it up,
and count it all–

if you’ve been leaving any out,
just stop!

It is not right
you cast what’s plentiful and beautiful
and colorful and light
as nothing but
a dark ink blot.

Yes, count it ALL,
the useful things you’ve done,
the helpful thoughts you’ve thought,
and even stupid stuff
some of which you do still do,

for it’s thought/feeling fodder
whence you still may learn,
and hence avert
such crude boo-boos. . .

Quit crying,
dissing the wonder
that is you–

To keep doing so
would just be rot. . .

Why slouch so low,
when you can stand quite tall?

For, truly,
it is absolutely all
already there,
right in your life
and your deep core,

Please know,
+++++ despite the messages
+++++ you hear
+++++ that say
+++++ “Fixate on everything
+++++ that you have not,”

that, in fact,
exactly what it takes
to make the life
you’re made to make
is exactly all the stuff
you have already got.

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All life springs up
out of the earth. . .

So, if you want
what’s good and true,
you’re going to have to
go there first. . .

Well, yes,
earth’s plum full
of slither,
and sneaky, creepy, crawly things,

and when you get yourself
outside and thither,
to play and tinker ’round in it
you’ll pick up
plenty earthy dirt. . .

But, grab it,
shape it,
though there’s no doubt
you will get dirty,

Love it deeply
and lightheartedly
(it likes and treats you
very well,
when you get
a little flirty),

Play with it
until you’ve raised
and helped grow up
the brightest, precious
things and beings
you most want. . .

And yes,
you can’t help
but make a mess,
in this sweet
and vital process. . .

you’ll be deeply satisfied,
as you take time,
kick back, and sigh–

and marvel how
all that you reaped
cost so much less
than what it’s worth.

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