Gorgeous day, , ,
windows swung wide open
bird song heard
and warm fresh air
invited in there,
although the extended invitation’s
not an option,
it moves and soothes
whoever dwells within,

by good fortune,
in the mix,
there comes a deeper tier
of relaxation
that the ambiance permits,
as well as
broader, more expansive joy,
unparalleled by the sole use
at any time,
of any human-made contraption,
ingenius, sturdy tool
or imaginative toy.

But, to this day
bring those, too, in,
and, depending on
exactly what you fancy,
it just may strengthen,
better saturate or lengthen
the fun and satisfaction
that you have,
in the very best
possible way.

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Happy Saturday!
Here now gray.
AND hoping, wishing
plenty sun
upon me,
and you,

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you can make a perfect
to-do list,
but when the items
start adding up
ad infinitum. . .

it’s best to check
for that little number one
you might have missed.

to set priorities
+++++ when Life deals
+++++ hands in spades
+++++ with heaps of dreary tasks mundane
+++++ paired with towering promises
+++++ of soaring glories
to know just which rates in which place,
including number one,

can be one
darn tough conundrum,
but, in your tome-like.
labored, thorough list,
with every thing
you’ve touched upon,
there is one
perchance you did omit
to touch or kiss,
and that is
You, yourself and YOU!!

While oftentimes
much sense there is
in putting stuff and plans
and other people first,

Please don’t
ALWAYS list YOU last,
as may be your special wont,
not at all
(or on your anti-list–much worse!)

And when you add yourself back in
and on,
be it effusive, sparing,
with verve,
with confidence,
reluctantly or calm,

DO find some or other
kind of way
on each and every normal day
to add YOU in!–
That is my gist.

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1. place graced by emptiness
2. sharp defined or understood the best
3. transparent, near invisible,
+++so what’s behind is more apparent

a vital sign, I do opine,
that must be in the mix
to help one live
in ways that serve
the greatest good.

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Do it.
Find it.
Seek it
it’s the weekend
or when you week it.

When found,
do share–
your new, old wonder
is beyond compare,
shout or whisper as you will
but please don’t hide or keep it secret,

For when you live by,
spread, and grow the wonder
there’s just no way
that you can blunder..

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There’s a certain
Thursday thirst
that knows
that Friday is acoming.

Maybe plans
for your weekend
have your joyful, dreaming head a’spin,

or maybe
with this week
near done
you are quite done
(it was that dumb). . .

but either way
weary, cheery
stretch in full your arms
and with that life breath
lingering yawn,
you feel at least some tiny part of you
stirs, rediscovered,
and is on the path
that’s got it back to humming.

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What blocks my road
is heavy,
much too large a load
to move.

It’s really best,
and I am blessed,
for it will prove
my stepping stone.

No need
from my best path
to swerve around
in some careening, wicked winding curve.

No need
to make a U
or front to back quick pivot turn,

for I will learn
to use this shape
I could have turned to sour grapes,

and though the thought
is clever, good, and great,
this stroke
of need-provoked invention
draws me no unique
great honor mention,

for though it soothes
this time my tension,
the idea
is very far
from mine alone.

And I wonder
if e’er was born a baby bird,
that, short of looming swoop or pouncing danger,
never would have
stretched enough
+++++to spread its fledgling tiny wings
and flown.

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