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of life, an easy breather slice a narrow, winding trail to ski over… swirling, bright white bumps and scrapey ice a sunset on a sandy beach where breath accepted the deepest nether parts of me can give caresses can gently, … Continue reading

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Give it to me — YESTERDAY!

immediate expedient convenient my demands DEMAND!!! they won’t be lenient!– give it to me now– give it to me quick– give it to me EASY of waiting endlessly and pain, I’ve had ENOUGH of it!! I want it ALL I … Continue reading

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Ahhh! To be an amoeba not to have edges trapped in a single cell to be free and porous with no brain of course… just a nucleus– no chance on bad circumstance to dwell. To be self-contained in a flowing … Continue reading

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What’s in a Face?

[Author’s note:  I just found this piece, written as part of an assignment I had in 4th grade, in my garage. I had to re-read it. It went with a sort of art project, where we had to draw the … Continue reading

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The Vicissitudes of Summer

Sense heavy, cold and gray comes right behind another lovely, sunny summer day Why, in July does my memory show a history of grey? This year, on the Fourth an almost unexpected sun shone forth as on some other recent, … Continue reading

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another day walk the walk set the stride face and see the sun shine absorb its warmth gather the heat feel the fire deep inside accept the air move the self blood will flow. . . climb yet another stair … Continue reading

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My, my! The sun of the year burns so¬† high! It is July… The days are long but getting shorter… and a little later we’ll find ourselves in darkest winter with a low-slung, short-shining sun, resting more, recounting lore, singing … Continue reading

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Whether I weather and walk a great or a plain or a lousy day I must slow, pause… STOP. And listen… hear, feel and receive that nor great, plain, nor lousy can ever long last. All three play together and … Continue reading

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