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THE ROAD TAKEN– the only one?

I have had to go through hell To glimpse what heaven is… I can’t see that there would have been any other way for me.

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Macrobiotics meets Darwin

I offer this article in response to a question from a classmate in the Comprehensive Certificate Program at the Strengthening Health Institute (SHI) for Macrobiotics in Philadelphia.  She was asking, in response to some Facebook comments I had made about … Continue reading

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Breaking (even) point

The work that makes the traveler weary oft also makes the traveler strong, but if too oft or too much the traveler doth carry, her strength will not last long.

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The summer solstice has slipped by me, not in my sleep, but without due note at 9:48 yesterday evening as I tap-tap-tapped an e-mail to a friend.  So the year has summitted, now descending from the zenith of its chi. … Continue reading

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Sympathy for a friend on the passing of his father

FOR R.S.L., whose father passed this week Even the life of a long-lived man Does not last long. Today, as I cut these flowers for you, I know some may drop remarkably soon, and others will go on. They grew … Continue reading

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Chitty Chitty on the Runway

Did you ever look out the window of a just-landed airplane, and think that the baggage-shuttling wagons were dead ringers for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Never did myself, but was sitting near an intense, jovial-mooded guy who did, though his … Continue reading

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Postcard from a Walk Along The Edge

I walk another river, the Delaware– Washington crossed it, some time somewhere Not like the Schuykill and her quiet, long, rowing boats with sports-men and -women up early to go afloat some people running, one skating and Me, strolling in … Continue reading

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