Saturday. ..

sinking into sentience,

shrinking regret
and petty penitence,

to let heart flower
in its way. . .

one’s deep importance,

as, almost imperceptibly
the August day
before us
glib and glorious
dawns, waxes, wanes
and shortens,

our next expected morn
that’s to come and show us
the wild-bright
and roundest moon
right in our true sight’s way.

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Let sun
and breath

Let them in
when it is time.

Let them leave
when it is time.

Let dirt
and weeds

Let them be
just where they are.

Their special nourishment
and beauty
is meant to rule
the night and day. . .

They can be seen
from high
and wide
and far.

Let others
strangers, friends,
lovers, brothers
be who they are
and see
to it
that all are loved
and warm
and lit
and fed. . .

Receive them
when they come. . .

and when they dwell
in some strange, exotic kingdom
you cannot taste or touch or see,
learn all about them that you can,
whether or not it’s anything that you can swing
to get to them
by foot or train or plane or car,

and reach around the world
in any way you can imagine,
that, but for you,
would be
prohibitive, impossible,

although each one of us
lives beneath the glory
of one endless black night sky
bedecked with so many,
so much more many
than we see,
to the degree
we might deem it an infinity
for that it is
ever so many
a wonderous and bright-shining star.

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There is a movement
in the rigidest
of stillnesses.

be quiet,
eyes wide or closed
ears plugged or open
throat tight or soft
let body breathe
and notice
feel it,
taste it
relax your head around your brain
and fall, in love,
down to your heart. . .

and let whatever
magic combinations
of this life
are here and present
mingle as they will,

and age into
a lip licking experience elixir
of this priceless, perfect,
eternal, burning, cooling
wonder moment.

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A poem
in four minutes
fog thick
that veils the August sky with gray
but brightness
makes me feel
I’m in a spacious
and a lively bubble. . .

the freeway brushing sound. . .
the soaring sweep. . .
of low flown jet
more like a gentle roar
than a mean and threatening rumble

Complaints in mind I’ve got,
but somehow,
I see, too,
that here I have
in this moment
both a half full
and half emply pot.

And I will give it
my very best
of love and care
in action,
with judicious punctuation
of the intermittent, wise,
and clarifying

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Friday and
zufrieden. . .

a very peaceful feeling. . .

a moment sweet
to cap in paix
a warm
and medium-eventful day.

Perhaps a momento mucho bueno
from right here this August night,
to catch the shooting stars
according to some video
from folks at NASA,
and somehow, some way,
of all folks ’round this great wide world,
I would suppose
THEY know.

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The clear is coast. . .

But where is clear?
Just when you crave it most?

Seems everywhere,
much clutter’s glutted,
struggling, groping forth,
with the easiest
and most pleasing way
ramrodding not quite through,
though banging
some seeming solid wall
one’s head
and larger aura space abutted.

even when it’s dark,
and hurts,
and chilly fear
rain down in spades,
although the arc of sun and warmth be near,

somehow, right in the now and here,
a gentler way may suddenly appear,

if focus from the whirling, buzzing head
can to a humbly beating heart
slide its core locus,

to lift and send
what doesn’t serve
quite far away,

or at least see
that it forward pay,
to someone really needing it
just ’round the bend.

A subtle, but a brilliant, way
the space around, without, within
quite deeply thus to mend,
till each atom in the atmosphere
flies wide and clean and free,
and happily agrees to be
each other’s friend.

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Stare them in the face. . .

all those little things
you find yourself
too often doing,
that don’t help get you
where you wish so bad
to be ,

but which take you
to some other,
lesser, crummy
or maybe simply mediocre

Look them in their poker eyes,
and hold their hand
for with them’s twined
the little parts of you
that way back when
were somehow set askew,
in such a way
you put a value
on fear- and sad- and mad-control,

and called that “Wisdom”
once dressed in careful make-up
and bright, masterful disguise.

As you gaze,
seek deep till you
++++++++++those long-past little steps
+++++almost walk–
++++++++++their prints, their warmth,
++++++++++their weight, their gait
+++++quite lovingly retrace.

Find out why those busy
not-so-constructive things
swarm in
to fill your life,
your time, your space,
your breath and heartbeat,

and next time
you’re doing something toward
the bright life dream you’ve claimed
and the phone rudely or alluring rings,
just let it ring. . .

and let your own time
be important—
start first and take
YOUR portion–
let not your life
seem over-shortened
from the disappointment
even the very best
distracting, shiny object
that pulls you, pushy, from your purpose,
and topples you right off your topic,

so that your heart beats deep
within your breast,
and its best song
unto your world
in perfect tempo brings.

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