If you need one thing
but, in its stead,
you give yourself
something else. . .

That will not likely
be the thing
most apt
to prove to bring
your most targeted
and best help. . .

So, if you know
you’re apt to do just that,

perhaps, rather, opt
to do a little test,
stuff that urge
for just a little bit,
inside your hat,

and give yourself a quiet moment
to allow your body
and the deeper, higher one
in belly, arms legs, chest, heart and head,
to make
its honest comment,

and, perhaps you’ll see
that simply THAT
was the true thing you need,

or if it’s something else,
or something more,
you could still opt to
go with that urge
if you think in some way it might
get you part or all
of what you want. . .
(it is a path
you know quite well
how to haunt). . .

or, perhaps you
could opt to follow that discovery
that popped up from inside of you
and see where its path
will your better nature lead,
which you will notice ever better,
and ever more choose to call for
and to heed.

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