The evening starts;
the moon is split;
half is dark
and half
by our trusty sun is lit,

though, in this Northern Hemisphere,
a chill and winter season’s here.
I aim to drop
the old year’s fear,

and think a lot
about what I would like to see,
to do, imagine, dare, and dream. . .

A grid of squares,
calendar pages,
all the different plans I’ve laid. . .

not sure whether all they will fit,
but helps me it to see them spread
as if those future moments were already here.

I see
the bloom of possibility
at not doom,
but overload and difficulty
one route could bring. . .

And yet,
there are many other ways
to walk, to speak,
to be,
to strive, to rest,
to dance, to sing. . .

And I don’t really know
what this brand new year will bring,
or what I’m going to make, attract, or get. . .

But for now,
I think I will select
to enjoy
today’s present,
colorful sunset.

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