Find one now,

in whatever drawer or cup–

an inky pen

and any scrap or page of real live paper.

And let it feel deflation, tension, worry or weak-kneed stance

of sad or mad or deep afraid. . .

There is no better confidant, steadfast friend or truer savior.

Why not do now

what scribbling you can,

and get it out

like particles

that twirl through blades of fan,

for it is nearly guaranteed

that, if you write some few or more words right now

you’ll feel

at least a little better


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  1. Superb & encouraging. It resonates with my experience because writing stuff down has helped me . change my mood sometimes. “real live paper” woke me up – and “mad” keep me alert.
    “particles that twirl through blades” – small pieces of pain – my favourite phrase.
    Thanks a millon Elaine

    • Thank you, Paul. I appreciate your thoughtful response. I am glad the part about the blades worked so well for you. The line you read, however, is a bit different from the one I intended.

      It seems I omitted one little, two-letter word there– “of.” The phrase as originally published here, read “blades fan,” which I have now corrected to “blades of fan.” It’s useful for me to have had your comment draw my attention there, so I could correct it.

  2. Paul, Thank you. I appreciate your attentiveness to detail, and your respectful hesitancy to mention my incomplete phrasing. I do choose odd diction and syntax deliberately at times, but this was not one of those times. Just a careless omission. :~) Glad it wasn’t too hard for you to guess, though. :~)

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