Find your body’s language out. . .
and speak it.

Allow for the turmoil
bubbling there. . .

Shut your mouth,
dull your ears,
close your eyes,

release the muscles, tendons,
that harbor old and new predicaments,

And if you only swing to skim the surface,
breathe a belly much more low
no need to broad your search beyond
this body that you know. . .

Fathom howe’erso far you can,
and if that yields not your answer,
breathe bigger still,
stick to your search
and deep it.

There is nothing in this moment
on which you need to comment,
just feel the crannies and the nooks
inside and peripheral,
derma- down to visceral,

head to toe,
a sweep so thorough
that to make a better one
would be impossible or its added value marginal,
no matter how you’d eke it.

And listen to each itty bit
of you
and let those teeming cells and tissues
speak in words and phrases
which you never learned,
yet know–

Where there’s a twitch or place that’s froze,
the body tells you what needs calming, and
what aches to move, and how,

So that,
if your body were an ailing whale,
though, for right now, it’s hard to tell,

where it would seem to be at risk,
you’ll make it ,
much more than e’er before,
quite whole,

with very little likelihood
that any time soon
the mighty ocean would
rise to sweep it up and beach it.

we still admire and see it,
when with this wise round you’re through,
which goes to show,

how far better it can be
to get to know
that body well,
and ask it what it wants of you,

than to beg
to the unseen vague
in yonder blue
to come to your body’s quick rescue,
for that far off vague cannot,
as slow and sure
as your own trusty body and you,
on the same team
can teach it.

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