Three two one,
Ready! Set! Go!

What if not ready,
not set?–

But knowing
there’s much stuff to do,
many places to go,
and people to see,
and desperately NOT wanting
the whole thing to blow?

What if the ground
shall break ‘neath my feet?

What if my life is now nearly complete?–
Would that be defeat?

Or just a part of the the world
in its natural flow?

The nice stroll
I just had
would not be so bad
as a last thing to do
with its sunsetting glow. . .

But, yet
there’s a thing
it might still be good to know.

Will my heart
and my feet
at last
find their path
and their beat?–
or at least find enough more fun
to render it worth
that stretch yet to go,
as they stride yet further out
into the unknown,
of which
there’s much yet to breach?

I dread but still crave to know,
if I stay,
what comes next?–
Whether for
good sweet pleasure or arduous test.

The not knowing
can feel unsettling,
straining, hard going,
not knowing the way
or the end point
I’ll land. . .

but without that not-knowing,
the fun, too, gets much less–

so I guess
that obstinate ignorance,
though I’d not deem it bliss,
may turn out to be best.

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