Yes, DO go gentle into. . .

YES!! Go!

Yes, DO
go gentle, gentle,
into that good night.

No, NO!
Not THAT good night!

THIS one here,
this one now,
this one that’s fallen,
and whose calling
is to let us
from this day down to settle,

to uncoil,restore,reset,
allow our bodies
and our minds
to drink the salve
of darkened sky
straight to our every tiny cell
and thus,
to remake us,
in our big and small things, right.

From this one day,
+++++ whose work’s been worked
+++++ whose play’s been played
+++++ whose rest, rested,
++++++++++ in between,
+++++ once all that fits in a day
+++++ is said and done,
our time to unwind,

for this night lives just here
and’s only ready for you now,
just this one time,

it can’t be packed
with others up
or used in retrospect. . .

days and nights,
of their nature
announce themselves quite clear
as the very stuff of life–

their design is not temperamental,
they start and end when we would think,
if we keep our heads well out of holes
and linger not too long in blinks,

they fall, they rise,
both beautiful and wise,
they parse for us
vast time and experience,
to make it gently incremental. . .

So while we’re here,
let us the call
of our deeper bodies
thus to heed—

To yield to night,
our eyes from light to disappear,
going gentle, gentle, gentle,
into this very, very,
good, good night. . .

And though
it be not guaranteed,
it is a path
that’s much more apt

to bring us another
day for friends, for lovers,
children, parents, sisters, brothers,
ourselves and any sorts of others,
or for any task
at which we’d like
another crack,

if fortune smiles still
on us then,
perchance we’ll get
another sweet and gentle night
and perhaps
another bright, new day
right after that.

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