Sleepy weary
mid of day. . .

summer’s peaked–
the year’s no more an up-and-comer,
but that doesn’t have to be a bummer,
when you relax and ride
its ebbing tide
and feel how to
enjoy and be
and do
in the most wondrous, natural way.

when, for the moment,
spent you are
or too much
has got stuck
right in your craw,

and separately,
you’ll rediscover
each shred
of your living, innate power,

and when
you’ve grasped that well
and remember well to wield it once again,
So happily
and easily
you’ll dare to dive
or with a subtle shift
quick or slow
off of the edge
with legs and hips,
you’ll find
that you have put yourself
right back into
life’s fray.

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