I am me.
The only person I can be.
That is OK–

I’m really meant to be
exactly as I am–
yes, just this way.

This is now.

In the past,
there was a “then,”
I grow
bits different
every moment,
and therefore,
have and am and know
a different me each tiny second,
though there’s a solid, strong,
deep beating heart constant. . .

And tomorrow
I will be a different
and a better me,
and I look forward
to when I and thou
shall cross and smile
in yet another
life encounter,

with more fun,
joy and purpose
and much less
of this day’s flail and flounder.

So, bye for now.

And whosoever you and I
will at our next meeting be,
I am really very happy
to think how I may be surprised,
when we chance to meet again.

see you then!

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