To wait upon
is not the same
in the grander scheme,
to serve.

But, to serve
anyone or anything,
one must have power
to wait.

To change your rhythm,
or perhaps sometimes,
stop in your tracks,
no matter how
is your long-distance-fashioned,
efficient, effort-rationed

The power to wait
for them–
children, women, men–
beasts, circumstances,
teeming lists
of sought-for dear possessions,
and maybe even,
if you learn
to open up your mind
and heart
to it,
those seeming random acts
of intercessions.

the power to wait
for all the things
you cannot get
by doing all the things
you know you can,
to let unfold
the Universe’s plan.

To power to wait
and wait and wait around,
if head, heart and and gut
for your reasons
to do so,
the timing works
and logic’s sound.

may tempt you
rashly, now and then,
to leap. . .

but use your
and currents
in your blood and nerves
your better sense
so to recuperate
or keep,

to center you
just where you are,

so you can move
at swiftest pace
or intuition guided sluggish creep,
either at which,
according to the sundry clues you get
you take routes
that seem straight, quick, and direct. . .

maybe you find
places, times,
where. in fact
it seems the best
along your way
to sing or speak or write in rhymes,
or, of a sudden,
or jump in haste,
not so much
in accordance
with your current whim or taste,

but more
in ways more apt to let
your dream and you
last longer, stronger,
and move lovingly
and true,
filled full of joy and dignity,
while wide, deep and high you serve,
in accordance with all you’ve ever been
and are,

under the warm and dazzling light
of your dedicated, guiding star.

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