You got a deck of cards.

In there, there’s diamonds, clubs,
and spades, and hearts,
and numbers, Jack to Ace, and two to ten.

And it’s really up to you
to choose the ways
you want
to stack and mix and play them. . .

Some days for fun,
and cards come up,
that please your eye,
and help you win
when, to begin,
the deck is dealt and cut,

And other days,
perhaps you’ll read
to look ahead
and try to guess
your future life
and kind of luck,

until it’s time
to stack them back
put them away,
snugly secured
with a clean and resilient
rubber band.

Some play for chance,
and put up bucks,
some stuff them sly
right up their sleeves,
dreams and illusions
so to spin
with slight of hand. . .

And, though our stacks
that we receive
may differ quite a lot,

in the end, it’s up to us
to choose and play
our own best game,

and if it fails
to go the way we want,
to mix them up,
and let them rest,

and later pick them up
and try our luck
at the same or other
games again.

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  1. ELLE says:

    Love that analogy of the cards. Well done!

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