Live your life–
do simple things
or intricate,
as time and space
let or require.

Do days,
sleep nights.

Allow the ripple rings­­­­­­­
+++++ and wakes
­­­­­­­+++++that your three-plus dimensioned­­­­­­­
+++++movement bring
to wave through winding channels deftly cut
deep in your brain, your heart, your gut–
way past your eyes. . .

Breathe with all that,
feel, smell, and hear
the marvel tunes
that, that with you, sing,
so patterns grow
beyond the limits of imagination
plotted by your finite mind. . .

let it all sink
way deeper still,
more gentle than
a probe or drill. . .

and, though outcomes
sure shall differ
from what you’d thought
would be just perfect,
by no means think them
flowers that withered. . .

what you will get,
you won’t reject. . .

you’ll surely see
it will be better,
exactly as it’s meant to be,

and, on reflection,
you’ll agree
that, actually,
like Goldielocks’s middle, chosen, tea,
it tastes uncommon good,
and is just right.

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