You wring your hands
as you take to understand
that your best efforts aren’t enough.

Temptations calls–
“Why not give up?”

Breathe deep
don’t hold,
nor let explode
the dearest, most essential you
with noisy puff. . .

Seek down
the mettle
in your bones
and muscle bands,
and see what wisdom
there well hid
speaks clear to you
and drink of that. . .

you’ll taste and know it
as it slakes your deepest thirst
and ’twill not be
a bitter cup.

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2 Responses to ENOUGH?

  1. Genevieve says:

    Wonderful it’s like you were in my head with this, it’s what I’ve been going through the last little while. Still in seeking mode.

  2. Thank you, Genevieve. So nice to know my poem reached you in that way.

    I think maybe things are meant to look like this periodically, to prod us into that next seeking mode, which can bring more awareness and acceptance of what is, and eventual good action based on that understanding.

    Good luck in your seeking, and with whatever next steps present themselves on your path.

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