If you want to know
what another person is about,
and watch.

Observe, observe, observe.
Respect, respect, respect.
And love. Love always first.

And in your quest to know,
of this or that
acquaintance, stranger, kith or kin,
or friend or foe,
rather than impose suggestion,
with open mind
and open words, of a kind kind,
fates do permit
that, now and then,
with unexpecting, wondering mood,
you ask a question.

Leave silence till
and while
they answer,
and then,
some still.

And let it sit
and hit or land
or touch or move you
as it will,
but move, not even in your best smooth groove–
not yet.

Think and feel
more what it means for them
and what they think and feel is real,
than what it means
for and of you,
before you
flinch or jerk your knee
or rant on Twitter,
for much of what you do that way,
is not for you nor anyone your best you’s deal.

If you want to know
who stands before you,
you also need to study well the knower.

The more you do,
perhaps the less we’ll ever need
to give what-for
to any human other.

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