Come on. . .
life is very, very

Be curious about it.

Your deepest thoughtful inquiry
can in no way be spurious. . .
nor, if brought with
your heart most sincere,
will it prove to be injurious. . .

Life is deep
and broad
and tall
and long,
and filled plum full
with love and light–
it’s infinitely kind
and strong,

So ask questions
on your quest,
put yourself and life
to each good test. . .

And open up your mind
and heart,
and do your best to keep that up,
and with patience,
abide the time
before you know
let merely asking for a while
be quite enough. . .

Even while it
tends to scare you, make you sad,
or get your deepest dander up. . .

Just let that be
and wait and see,
although it can be really rough. . .

And answers, in good time,
will surely come,
to open ears and eyes
and hearts sincere and serious,

just as dancers enter oft,
in proper space,
with grace sublime
lithe weight aloft
oblivious to gravity,
in manner quite mysterious.

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