You have, you have, you have.

And then, you do not honor. . .
so you had.

You had to let it
bit by bit,
or in split second,
through ten clenched or open fingers
drop and slip–
every little bit of it–

your things,
through life,
abodes or roads
where once you lived,

your future dreams,
the stitches, sutures,
scars and clothing,
their strength,
their glitches,
and their seams,

your loves
your parents, brothers, sisters,
friends, offspring,
be twixt you acts of hawks
or doves,

your heart, your mind,
your brain, your gut,
your whole, whole body,
as it goes with any, everybody–
you had to let it go.

Even the little thing
called you,
that you thought
was all was left to you,
your deep self-sense, identity
as an individual,
the only you
you e’er did know. . .

But that need not spell
your grim, grim end,
for when solidity shall melt, disperse,
all the pieces that were you
shall melt and pool and blend
and coalesce
with all around,
to make you into
like and different,
old and new–

a key part of something quite else,
which you contain,
which contains you. . .

The whole, entire
grand, expanded, all-embracing

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