The flesh is weak
the flesh is strong
many pleasures
does it seek
which wear it down
and build it up,
the wish of meek
may add to others
till the list is very long. . .

The mind is weak
the mind is strong
the kind of things
we let live there
may crush us fast
or make us last
to face best friends
and weave our way
through hostile throngs.

The spirit willing
the heart wide open,
eyes toward sunlit peak,
which, yet again,
turns from the outlook bleak,
has the best chance
mind, flesh, and world to transform
when its keen ears
stay bent
in the direction
of its calling. . .

It is in fact quite possible
and logical
that one may rise
now, heretofore,
on just the things
o’er which one
only just before
was falling.

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