Go there.
Go now.
You know where.

What stops you then?

The deep fear strikes you
well amazed. . .

You hem, you haw,
you want to walk,
to move,
to loose the muscles of your jaw–

You simply can’t. . .
although you know
all too well how.

The chance is here.
Your choice is clear–

That is,
to do or not to do,
and be or not to be
as was perhaps Bill Shakespeare’s view,

But it’s not only
to the point of death or life,
but to get each day you’re here
to feel more easy,
cheery, flowing, flowering,
growing freshly
and upright.

So, set your eyes
toward star or moon or bright sunlight,
and let feet follow
to what your deepest heart and mind and soul
can conjure in their golden sight.

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