Hey, you! (Me!)
Please send me a kiss
to every last cell
of this, my one body.

unshackle these ankles,
these wrists,
from the stall
of the structure and spirit
that, it seems,
have gone limp and flat
with a hiss,
or been doused,
so as to melt
like a witch met with Dorothy.

Let loose
all the bindings that bind
and the freezings that freeze;

move what must move
to cool
the much too kindled fire
reached a scorched heat unkind.

Open my very eyes
to full sight,
and let on my face grow
a mile-wide smile
that gleams in the light,
and let my nose
draw fresh whiffs
of pristine, new air,

And, for me,
let me feel
all the love
I’ve sent out
on that kiss,
in my heart, my whole mind,
my top, toes and foot soles,
in each artery, vein,
sinew, each synapse,
sweat gland and taste bud,
down to each finger- and toenail,
and last whispy hair.

Once I have felt it,
I’ll soak deep in its balm. . .

And then,
come wily storm or come calm,
I know I’ll still have it,
enough to release it,

to let more
flow out and flow in,
each end and begin
through my every life hour,
as the power of wind
bends a green frond topped tall palm,
out to and in from
every sundry which where.

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