It may get boring
or get tough,
but if you want
to keep life up,
resist the urge
to merge with sleep,
whether hot, disturbed or deep,
at peace or snoring.

Draw from,
give back
to life’s great font,
though you go
through so much stuff,
at times,
you really want to quit,
feeling that you’ve had enough. . .

Time’s come
that you
must muster up
the perk
in core
of red corpuscles,
the flow
and active pinkness
in your muscles,
the strength of stone
deep in your bone,
the stringy litheness
of your sinew,
to recall all that
you value, honor, love,
as well as those
you truly need to do,

pick these up
where you left off,
and be so bold
as to renew
what might seem
ungodly old
when you choose
just to continue.

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