It’s hot
more stirring in the form of noise–
for cheer and warmth,
a need, it’s not.

At times like these
it is a labor
well to heed
the call
inside your heart
to love your neighbor,

Just as
the vow is not
“I’ll love and honor
all my days
except. . .”

The prompt
“So well as thou, thyself,
do love thy
does nowhere state
that, for the ones
who hammer at your hard-won peace
with blasting music
our said directive
need not in that case
be kept.

in such vows and prompts
it is not writ
that we,
when things get tough,
may waver. . .

Small action
and a great big patience
must come, instead,
full in to play,
in order that we live to see
the soothing, quiet twilight time,

when, by the gentle cricket’s song,
we’ll open up
our hearts and ears
our lives and world,
the better
then to savor.

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