Love must be present.
Give it to yourself.
It helps.
Regardless whether
you don’t think you deserve better–
not by law’s spirt,
nor its letter–
than what you’ve come
to do so far
most usually,

Dreams shoved aside. . .
Yes, yes,
we all have moments
when we our dreams
and very beings
along with our Earth bodies
want to hide,

But the presence
of our soul
cannot be hid
in dark nor cold,
and others ’round us
plainly know
that it for sure exists,

If we (or not)
choose to persist.

So hand cross hand,
and grab your shoulders
(or your ribs),
and squeeze yourself
one great big hug. . .

Then touch one arm
with your kind mug
and give yourself
a juicy, gentle kiss.

For when you do,
you be most apt
to see this through,

and love will live
its best in you,
and when that’s true,
you’re apt to shine
with warmth and light,

and naught will be amiss.

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