Add it up,
and count it all–

if you’ve been leaving any out,
just stop!

It is not right
you cast what’s plentiful and beautiful
and colorful and light
as nothing but
a dark ink blot.

Yes, count it ALL,
the useful things you’ve done,
the helpful thoughts you’ve thought,
and even stupid stuff
some of which you do still do,

for it’s thought/feeling fodder
whence you still may learn,
and hence avert
such crude boo-boos. . .

Quit crying,
dissing the wonder
that is you–

To keep doing so
would just be rot. . .

Why slouch so low,
when you can stand quite tall?

For, truly,
it is absolutely all
already there,
right in your life
and your deep core,

Please know,
+++++ despite the messages
+++++ you hear
+++++ that say
+++++ “Fixate on everything
+++++ that you have not,”

that, in fact,
exactly what it takes
to make the life
you’re made to make
is exactly all the stuff
you have already got.

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