All life springs up
out of the earth. . .

So, if you want
what’s good and true,
you’re going to have to
go there first. . .

Well, yes,
earth’s plum full
of slither,
and sneaky, creepy, crawly things,

and when you get yourself
outside and thither,
to play and tinker ’round in it
you’ll pick up
plenty earthy dirt. . .

But, grab it,
shape it,
though there’s no doubt
you will get dirty,

Love it deeply
and lightheartedly
(it likes and treats you
very well,
when you get
a little flirty),

Play with it
until you’ve raised
and helped grow up
the brightest, precious
things and beings
you most want. . .

And yes,
you can’t help
but make a mess,
in this sweet
and vital process. . .

you’ll be deeply satisfied,
as you take time,
kick back, and sigh–

and marvel how
all that you reaped
cost so much less
than what it’s worth.

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