Posted on May 19, 2017 by elainedanforth


Sun shines now
here in this lovely spot
in California.

Much of warm light
it seems I see–
perhaps a sign
I’ve taken few steps
to malign
the precious layer
each of my eyes does bear,
which technically
is called the cornea.

somewhere in my heart there aches
big doubt
that I have what it takes

to traverse
current parching air
and sun that bakes,

and I’d not have foreseen
this turn,
so now must glean
whatever ’tis
I next must learn. . .

For life,
it seems,
just does not come
with booklet of instructions
that, of all obstacles
and obstructions,
in advance
could fully warn ya’.

So, lacking that,
I guess I’ll pray,
on this and
other kindred days,
that insight may soon
kindly come
on which next step
goes my best way. . .

And I will wish the same to you,
that clarity
and sturdy will,
which put you on the route that you’ll stick to,
shall meet with you along your way
little bit by bit,
with one overwhelming wind
that gladly comes to storm ya’

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