What is a whirligig?

Is it invisible?
Is it a curlicue?
Is small?
Is it big?

Is it something
static twirling
moving fast
as orange pumpkins hurling
to splatter
on a tall ship’s rig?

Is it a tiny little dancer,
wound in a music box
with spring?

Is it a rondo
that some virtuo-soprano
stands and sings?

Will we EVER
find the answer?

It is
an old word,
which I, years ago, learned
from a play by Shakespeare,
an inimitable
word trickster
whose work I’ve known
from my youthful,
first-time sight
to bring me pleasure
and delight. . .

But to know the whirligig idea
somehow completer,
I went and turned
not to
a play
from ANY of the classics,
but to
a wealth of modern media
through silicon and circuitry
in hinged contraptions plastic,
to the famous
well of wisdom
we know as Wikipedia.

For, there,
according to my guess,
a panoply of whirligigs
in a very wide array
come smiling out
to see ya’.

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2 Responses to WHAT IS A WHIRLIGIG?

  1. I enjoyed this, Elaine. 😁

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