It’s in you.
You feel it.

It wants to grow,
to get right out,
but somehow,
you conceal it.

It’s your special deck of cards
dealt out to you,
and, somehow, you must deal it.

There’s part of you
wants to hold back,
never to
give forth your red,
nor to bet
on sleeker back.

You feel
you can’t afford to lose
not your aces, nor your twos–
++Hold tight your shirt!
++And, too, your shoes!

You quiver in your tallest boots,
for fear you might
at any moment
become duped
by some sneaky, clever ruse. .

You keep in modesty
the things you have
hidden well, and tightly packed,
in hopes, that way,
you’ll at least save
all that you already have

But somehow,
in you, speaks a peep,
coming from
somewhere down deep,
that tells you that you actually know,
you’ll only get
just as you give–
so goes the winding of the flow. . .

it takes at least that laid first ante,
though your purse be very scanty,
to get you any kind of chance
of getting any money back.

And you’re aware,
in braver times
when you truly dare to dare,
that, from the first,
you did come here,
for more than just
a jolly jaunt
or idle chitter-chatter chat,

Allow for breath,
pause for a rest–
enough so you remember that. . .

And then,
your inner eyes
can see and feel,
who and what you really are
and who and what it is for you
that are now
and here and real. . .

And though this seem
quite dreadful strange
and frightening,

you’ll also know
it’s now your time,
and you really may as well
go up to bat,
and muster every bit of force–
your mind, your heart,
your will,
bound with the strength of Universe,

eyes open wide,
on what you wish to do and have,
and give this thing,
that makes you tick
your best darn
power-swinging crack.

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