A voice cries in the wilderness.
A forest tree tall falls.
Will any
stand in readiness?

Will any stand
for anything
at all?

Will we scale
(or fail)
the slippery slope?

Is any of this

Well, yes. . .
And Nope.

For we all know,
no matter what ideas we float,
we’re creatures
that will hem and haw,
and trip
and fall. . .

And stall.

Yes, we’re all here
in one same boat,
leading out a human life,
unlike the plucky.
single-minded goat. . .

But some of us
will heed our heart,
and on its journey
thus embark,

once our hushed, attentive ear
has come to bend
and clearly hear
the call.

Yes, it’s true.
The order’s tall. . .
to some, it looms a daunting chore. . .

But, after all,
it’s what we,
from our very start,
were made for–
not anything that we
or anyone
has ever bought and paid for,

and actually,
the journey of our call
comes in smooth flow,

because it is a perfect match
for our indomitable,
wise, old spirit’s

So, let us
listen very well
in calming peace and quiet.. . .

and breathe that in . .

so, when we’re called,
we answer
and resolve, at least,
to try it,

and in a most efficient fashion,
let’s pause to cheer each other on,

as each goes on
to pack her bags and go.

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