So common now,
to mention its strong drain on power
seems almost
an infraction.

A detour
from whatever’s your
intended fruitful action,

which keeps you poor
in pocket, spirit, and much more,
as you connect
with hot spot towers
to reach ’round the world
in virtual tours,

while you ignore
the clear and present,
here at hand,
where, at this moment,
your body remains resident,
this place in lieu,
which erstwhile lived so dear to you,
along with local loved ones
and next door neighbor factions.

There’s not much more
that can be said
undue protraction,

if there’s some core
in life you miss,

change up
what you pour
into your mix,
to fiddle, tweak,
and find what’s hiding,

when you seek,
those things you value
true and deep
that most reliably and lastingly
will bring you satisfaction.

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