When you need it now,
but you think you cannot have it,
or else,
you think
that what you’d have to do
to get it would wreak havoc,

it’s time to feel
that poor dear part of you
that feels most tense,
and frightened, too,

and notice what will happen
if you take your hand
quite near to it,
and hover,
let tingling nerves
under your skin
its deepest wish
thus to intuit,

your calm palm
can read and feel
what is required
to help it heal,

once your inner knowing nabs it–
that sense
how it may best recover–
proceed to give it
what it needs of that,

if it should a little more,
well, then,
go on to grab it–
kneed it, pat it gently,
coax it, plead it,
like a faithful lover,

and whether
the need be
psychic, feeling, spiritual,
or perhaps some other,

Soon or later,
you will see
that the gap twixt you
and what you need
is never an eternity. . .

for it, in fact’s as close to you,
and as much a part of you,
as your own
birth brother.

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