Now Now Now!
Just give it here. . .
I need it more
than you do,

Take, take, take!–
If I hear with attentive ear
I notice, sure,
that before long
things get so, so heavy
and woe add up to one big bevy
or get too stuck or stuffed or full
until the day
both me and they
will cry one giant OWW!

But, how to see
my way to give
and let sufficient gifts collect
to be more than
sand through a sieve
to let me start the flow I need
to thrive, to move, to walk, to breathe–
to live. . .
thus to the Universe’s way to bow?

Though I fall short of doing this,
please know
that in my deepest heart of hearts,
I’m sending you a gentle kiss,
and I really want to grow
the vital hidden part of me
that wants to give
a plum choice part of me
to thou.

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