When there is fire,
sound alarms!

But if the
lacks of luster,

Hear ye, beware!–

You’d best take care
lest your pretty siren song
with time, should come
to lose its charms.

And the action
that you hoped and prayed
the screams
and cries
and pleas and begs
would naturally inspire,
comes not to pass,
when your emergency
should seem to them
to lack of urgency,
and the world already feels
much too much
high wired.

It’s better we
(that’s you and you and me)
should ditch
the fearful, very angry,
warpath torch
and cries of murder bloody,
and thus tone down
the grievous tides
swelled to the hilt
(or higher). . .

in their place,
find good some way
to call the strife
to temporary end,
so we can use
the wisdom of our hearts

to see,
in strangers
and sworn enemies,
the face of very dearest friends,

people whom
we can ask in
to gather with us
’round a hearth
where all then share
stories, whims,
dreams and desires,

each listening in the kindest art,
while we together warm ourselves
relaxing by the fire.

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