The likes of you. . .
You’re way out there–
there’s no excuse. . .

You’re way too weird,
you try to change–
but as you feared,
it’s just no use. . .

Or so you say.

But that’s because
you still don’t see,

you are the way,
just who and how your are–

and it’s
by very good design
you’ve been set loose. . .

You’re meant to shine
in many eyes–
including theirs,
and yours and mine.

You’re famous
One. Of. A. Kind.

with regards
to that pat fact,
quite like an ignoramous
have those around you
seen you act–

or else,
as far as they can see,
you have been blind. . .

if it’s true
that you HAVE guessed
that your nature, yes,
truly is
one of a kind,
you probably thought
you’re not the kind
that is the best. . .

Perhaps the cure
is to cast to you
one good lure
to pull you from
that lowly place,

where you swear
you are so sure
you’re the world’s one lone face
who must stay lifelong
stuck, obscure,
for all your failings
and your feelings
that trap your destined clarity
in one big blur.

And if you let yourself
or get yourself
from that lowly hole
up and out
with one strong pull,
and suffer through
the slips and shifts
that spell progress,
and build you strong
just like
a mighty ox or bull,

even while
the sum of all
the dredging,
climbing, scaling,
balancing and edging
that you’re doing,
makes you feel
you are still cowering,

then in time,
you come to see
that, in fact,
those slips and shifts
are what you need,
your self-protective
stubborn nutshell
finally to crack,

and when that haps,
oh, happy day!
for ’tis then
the plot will thicken,

The nut shell broken,
you wriggle out
and set you free,
where you can see
that all around,
there’s folks available
who will gladly
have your back
or work or rest or play with you
in toasty, cozy camaraderie,

and from there,
the mark you make,
etched broad and deep,
emerges as you mend things whole
for those
who cross
the life path
of your feet,
and also for posterity.

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