Anoint the day. . .

Anoint yourself. . .

Dive right in–
let your heart sing,
at clanging ring
of morning bell.

Stride right outside,
and see the dew
and maybe sparkling raindrops too,
which yet do cling
on both big and little blooms,
before the springtime clouded sun
climbs clear up to
its noontime high.

the ch-ch-chirping birds
and squirrels,
fast flowing creek–
white ripples
there in rock-bump swirls,

the sprouting, toddling
boys and girls,
with nannies there
who love them so,
to play with them
in tall park grass,

on winding slides
and swings
where they squeal,
“Look at me go!”

and in sand,
whence castles rise
at the pat
plump small hands,
with no set need
to even ask. . .

Breathe in all this,
let fresh air
down through your
lungs and heart and feet
to sink,
as well as brush your
tingling cheeks
a gentle kiss,

to prompts you
where you need to go,
to serve those others
high and low,
the very ones
meant to receive
your care
and healing, close attentions,

who, in so doing,
let you craft
your best take on
your destined path
toward your
deep and lasting bliss.

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