Be sure
to attend
to those you love. . .

Check carefully
for signs
of vibrant life–
a nose that crinkles,
lips curled in smiles,
and the twinkles
in their eye,

when they deeply
love you too,
all too often
do they try
to hide
their heavy cares
from you.

But. as was writ
on tablets
from above,
there is so much
that, when you act with loving honor,
you and they
have power to do. . .

For the fit
on which you
and your loved one
have had the chance to hit,
of you to him or he to you,
is so perfect
that the mighty bond
requires no glue,

and your love
gives wisely
so you’ll have more time
before, with this world,
either one of you is through,

when you make sure
to find out now,

before the future
results in insult, injury,
or a big long string of sutures

exactly how,
when working as a pair,
you woulda could oughta have helped,
in the best case where
you only knew.

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