Take sun. . .
add time. . .
do work. . .
get rest. . .

smooth and stretch
the cracks and stucks
and gnarly kinks,

push and pull
and heave and ho
to carve out space
and build some strength. . .

pepper with some ample fun. . .

What crucial piece
does each of these
succeed to add
toward the vision
of your life
that feels complete
and looks absurd
it’s so sublime?

clocks’ hands go round,

beats breathe out
from living hearts,

until is found
the place and time
and way to meet
these sundry aspects,
all which feed
your mind, your body, and your soul,
in perfect sum
of all these parts. . .

Sometimes it takes
quite vast expanses,
baby steps
or chasm leaps,
before it seems
just what it is,
or if you look more carefully,
a surprising whole lot more.

break right past
the grounds you stand
and hold so fast,
and play your special game of chance

to see
what wonders
come to pass,
when you finally
step thus forth,
where the reaches
of your blessed world
wait, excited, there for you,
to find them
when you dare explore.

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