Quick quick quick,
get it done,
have no fun,
let the tension
get real thick. . .

Oh God! Oh No!

That’s the way
will make me sick.

Quick quick, yes,
but add some slow–

quick quick slow
quick quick slow–

now, that’s a better
and more level
way to go. . .

and it’s the way
that I will live
to see the day
that my best stuff
and my best me
will get to show.

It really is so obvious,
but there’s times
when I regress
and get
wholly oblivious
to the most important
things I know.

And when I do,
if I take time
to spend
with all of you,
it warms me up,
and sets my heart aglow,
so that I better,
and for longer time,
along my truest path
may go.

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