keep your music

True, deep , pure–
Use it–
it’s stunning. . .

But, wait a minute–
Hark, now!–

I think
your muse is

It flows through
veins and cells
and brains
and spirit
and your very soul’s allure–

It strokes
your throat
and inner ear. . .

your inner voice
most clear. . .

it wiggles fingers,
tingles toes,
hums a twanging
through your nose. . .

signals sighs
to come from lungs,

coats with glad speech
your tip of tongue,
so bright
that it
can practically ignite
whate’er comes near,
or at least,
might sear it.

Do you feel it?
Do you hear it?

For it’s the stuff
makes you endure,

even if
you’re very sure
your work is stuck
and stalled by gum,

or even if
you’ve come to rue
stuff that you’ve done,

so you now crave
a little help
from some skilled one,
to take that open crack
and fuse it,
where the joints
have loosed a little bit
in your spirit’s sturdy plumbing. . .

Play a tune,
with even keel,
sing it loud and sing it soft,
in bellows deep
or high-pitched squeal,

but always aim
to keep it real–

plum from the kindest, wisest
part of you,

through which
your highest ways can show,
and which you’d really better not
have bleach-whitewashed,

nor make too oversimplified,
in a well meant, meek misguide
toward self-effacing genericide

nor bleeding, gutting, cruel down-dumbing.


Keep it
+++++ bright, and high and wide,
+++++ complex and harmonious
+++++ cacophonous or plain melodious,

++++++++++ like our endless, star-filled sky
++++++++++ and our azure marble world,
+++++++++++++++ where weird notes and rhythms
+++++++++++++++ staggered or concurred
+++++++++++++++ still ring and sound
+++++++++++++++ quite undeterred,,

+++++++++++++++in answer to
+++++++++++++++that calmest call,
+++++++++++++++you’ve heard
+++++++++++++++and recognized as yours,

+++++++++++++++before you breathed,
+++++++++++++++or spoke a word–

+++++++++++++++for, now, that call
+++++++++++++++becomes the one,
+++++++++++++++though it sound far too absurd,
+++++++++++++++to which you’ll be succumbing.

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