Enjoy it. . .

Your glee. . .
your grief. . .
your anger,

Enjoy even
your blind, misplaced faith,

your fear, your laughter, and your tears,
some which fly by,
while others linger,
beget more,
and then,
proceed to fester
onto the tongue
of the once-happy taster
they firmly latch,
and powerfully cloy it. . .

And, don’t forget, enjoy
+++++ your power
++++++++++ to let food
++++++++++ and life, and love
++++++++++ be quite enough
++++++++++ your spirit to sate,
++++++++++ your gut get full,

and later,
do enjoy
+++++ the pleasure
++++++++++ of your very freshest hunger,
++++++++++ when you took
++++++++++ just what you need–
++++++++++ no jot past that
++++++++++ to make too much;

+++++ and your trust
++++++++++ that you do receive aplenty,
++++++++++ when you stop at just enough.

Yes, enjoy it.
Even the times
when your stubborn disbelief
in the brightly sparkling Truth
leads you stray off
as many more will also do,
to pick life up–
and wring it, wrench it–
in vicious fists
with squishing palms
you clench it,
handle it too rough,
as if
you took a noble metal
and with base mineral unbuffed
by force,
tried to alloy it,

with aims
Life’s plans wise
so to defeat,
and, through your low plots
strip it bare
of all its rights
and sovereign seat,
in such a frenzied, cruel heat
the threats you make
fall just short
of the point
where you have gone
and just destroyed it.

that is all too oft
our bent,
but if we relax
and find a way
we can retract,
and deign take back
+++++ not just the stuff
+++++ we said and did,

+++++ but also
++++++++++ ills that we,
++++++++++ when quiet,
++++++++++ thought and meant,
in heartfelt apology,
+++++ offered to
+++++ all of great Life
+++++ which freely spawned
+++++ us and our world’s biology,
sure to say sorry
+++++ that we dared so
+++++ doggedly
+++++ to damage, bore,
+++++ insult,
+++++ annoy it

and then,
next up,
we start again,
take up a life
where we let Love
grow up for us
a new-old methodology
flawed though, it’s true, we be,
we have begun
in cahoots with grandest Love,
once more
now to employ it.

Once we’ve made sure
to do all that,
we’ve earned a moment
and a breath
to chill, relax,
give thanks Life is still intact;

let it seep
deep in our soul
where we can
enjoy it.

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