What does FOG have to do with VALENTINE’S DAY?

Dear Readers,
My work is a stream through time. It comes out, and usually, that’s when you see it. At the moment it is created and posted by me on this blog.

On rare occasions, I am inspired to look back in time to an older post. Sometimes, because an old poem comes to mind, prompted by a need or a curiosity I might be feeling in the present moment. Other times, because some anonymous viewer has taken a look at it. I often go back to the page it’s on to look at it, and refresh my memory about when and where that piece came into being, and what it was about.

When I like what I see, and think you might enjoy it, too, I post a link.

This poem is about fog, but if you read it, you may see why I think it’s a good Valentine’s Day post.

Push and pull, give and take, the blending of complementary antagonisms. Love.

Wishing you love, in whatever forms it comes to you today.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading on my blog. I really appreciate it that you’re doing that, whether it’s your first time, or whether you’ve been following my work for a while. Your Likes and comments are always wonderful to get, and they (and you) help inspire me to keep writing and putting my work out in the world for you to see.

I hope you enjoy the poem.


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