Love, love, love,

morning, noon and night. . .

the earth,
+++++the sea,
the sun-lit,
++++++++++endless sky. . .

The plans,
+++++the methods how
+++++and good, clear reasons why. . .

All the thirteens
+++++and the sevens. . .

The clumsiness
+++++and elegance. . .

The tiny hiding shy insects,
+++++the big and bravest
+++++of the elephants. . .

The young,
+++++the old,

the grown-ups’ work
+++++right with the children’s rest. . .

those who quit,
+++++and those who rise
+++++to pass the test. . .

those who feel ever cursed
and those who marvel
how they’re blessed. . .

the folks who mediate,
+++++the folks who pray,

the people
and the animals
at all different
kinds of play. . .

fields that grow
+++++and others, weary,
+++++laying fallow,

In short,
and everyone,
in total. . .

But, as much as all that’s worth,
do not forget,
that none of it can last a sec,

unless you steer the stream of love
so some will pour
right into you

for you must play the leading role
to fill your true and willing heart

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