you speak true
when telling
what you are
or what you do,

you might just
want to think again
on how you
tell your story.

So much depends
upon the tale
you pick to tell–
a certain very well worn take
on your own life,
in which perhaps
you fail and fail and fail,
may mean that you already dwell,
here, now, today,
in the very darkest hell,
down on the hottest, lowest deck,

but then again,
with exactly
your same life,

another vantage point,
in which there’s much
you get just right,
could cast and bask you
this very sec,
in a very different light,

which beams
with love and peace and joy ,
the destiny
of your inner
and connected glory.

All you need to do
is brake,
to halt all reeling reels
of ancient tapes,

and use your heart
and brains’ gear wheels,
a different truth
to demonstrate,

in which you’re winning your own race
for you
and for the whole world’s sake. . .

even if you feel behind,
it’s also real,
the vast length
you by now have come
with all that you
have dared to do
and find,
(which, furthermore,
no one else
has really done),

since you boldly
sprang here forth
out of
your earthly starting gate.

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