Fit it into
6 minutes!

Awwh, drats!–
I feel a little out of it. . .

shove to push,
and push to shove
I give my
grown up baby self
a prodding slap,
a bit of tough
to meld with ample gentle love,
well knowing
life just takes some grit,

much more than
a little wit
+++++ to figure
+++++ just for what
+++++ I truly want
+++++ to get quite fit,

+++++ and then
+++++ to drop the fiction
+++++ that “I CAHHHNt!”,

+++++and also scratch it–
+++++ the spread of
+++++ all the step-stone tasks–
+++++ on some
+++++ time- and date-lined
+++++ planner pad,

where I will look
to pace myself
and see my actions
rise to match it–
not just hope to fit it in
if and whenever
strikes again.

I’d yack some more
but I’ve really got to make
my unique vision’s
score and grade
with will
and with my
best know-how. . .
So some time, about right now,
I kinda sorta gotta split.

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